3 lb Live Maine Lobster

3 lb Live Maine Lobster

Are you looking to buy big Maine lobsters? You came to the right place. Crazy Lobster & Shellfish Co. can deliver them. These large 3 pound lobsters are the best Maine has! Our three pound lobsters are only sourced from local fishermen through sustainable fishing practices. You can learn more about Maine Lobster Fishing here. Our unique chilling process makes sure your big lobster meal arrives alive. These are some of the biggest lobsters you can get!

If you order Large Maine lobsters online today, you are able to schedule a home lobster delivery in advance on the shopping cart page.

Now a days everyone likes to eat healthy. We say it's about time! Free From Antibiotics and Hormones our Maine Lobster are also gluten free. Lobsters are also high in protein, naturally low in fat and sodium.

Do you own a restaurant? If you are looking for wholesale lobster we can supply them.

More information on Maine lobster shipping can be found here.


3 pound Live Maine Lobster
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